Rote Bete-Himbeer-Nektarine-Smoothie

Rote Bete-Himbeer-Nektarine

  • 1 Rote Beete
  • 300 Gramm Himbeeren
  • 1 Nektarine
  • Alles gut pürieren – fertig



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2 Kommentare

  1. Aw!! Such an awesome feed. I love it ? I would like to invite you to our Closed Group on Facebook where we share Daily Smoothies recipe & jars with quotes giveaways 😀 . Here’s the link for you: ✨ Talk to you there!! (also in my bio)

  2. Splendido, se ti và guarda anche il mio profilo ci sono ricette per centrifugati, estratti e smoothies. Grazie!

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